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It has been said that us Irish have the luck, it must be the green blood flowing through us! Maybe not all of us carry the four leaf clover but we do have that special something ! 1) Get ready to get laughing cramps! We have a lively sense of humour and will keep our […]
Ever wondered how to impress people on your dating bio? Think they’re a waste of time? Well here’s our top tips for how they can help you find Mr./Mrs. Right! 1)  Fill Everything In Do’s: Make sure you’ve used those bio questions to the best of your ability. Don’ts: It’s really simple, but if you can’t […]
Sometimes a long distance relationship is the only way to be with someone. Even though it can be hard and we don’t really want to do it we do it anyway because we love the other person. London Irish Singles are here to help those who do not see their Irish lovers face every day. […]
Summer to most of us means late nights, long days and ice-creme dates. It’s a beautiful season of adventure and the perfect time to date or be in a relationship. There are so many things to do, places to go, only thing missing is someone to share it all with… right? Don’t you worry Summer […]
  April as we know it is officially the month of spring. It is a time when flowers bloom, birds sing, and lovers meet. This is the most perfect time for dating, outside of busy and sometimes expensive restaurant and theatre trips. Why push them to the end of the day? Why not meet your […]
London Irish Singles aim is to help you meet other like-minded Irish men and women living in and around London. London Irish Singles is different from much of what is already out there. We are the only website headquartered here in the centre of London that specialises in helping genuine Irish singles meet and connect […]
Not everyone but a lot of us want to find our Irish Lad or Las and have a happily after. When we find that special someone and a relationship that makes us happier than any before, it is understandable that we want to hold on to him or her no matter what logic says. We […]
We understand that after a painful break up, or years of being single it can be difficult to get back into the dating game. Maybe you can’t remember the last time someone of the opposite sex (brother, sister, mother, father does not count) held your hand and you’re not quite sure you are ready for […]
For all of you Christmas, Crazy, Crackers Cracking Creatures out there, December is officially upon us and it is totally acceptable to get out of control excited for Christmas. If you’re one of those people who take this holiday extremely seriously then you will also see the art of presents and gifts as an important […]